Nursing Services

Mission Statement
To promote rehabilitative and holistic care to the mentally disordered, the aged and the community at large through quality improvement measures, evidence based practices, staff development, and collaboration with all health care team members in an effort to produce client outcomes within a cost effective and safe environment.

Vision Statement
To become a model of best practice and excellence in the delivery of quality gerontologic and psychiatric nursing services to our internal and external customers within a competitive local, regional, and international health care environment.

General Nursing Care

  • Hygienic, grooming, nutritional, dressings 
  • Observation of mental state 
  • Safety precautions 
  • Spiritual support 
  • Vital signs
  • Urine testing 
  • Blood glucose monitoring 
  • Escort to outside services
  • Discharge planning. 

Psychiatric Nursing Care

  • Seclusion nursing 
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family therapy 
  • Suicidal watch 
  • Care of the paranoia (suspicious) patient 
  • Management of patient hallucination 
  • Recreational therapy
  • Management of patients with depression, disorders affecting the child and adolescent client
  • Establish a therapeutic milieu /community

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