Patient Services

Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre boasts of comprehensive and competent mental health, geriatric and substance abuse treatment programmes that are second to none in the region. 

Our hospital is proud of a team of highly trained professionals who assist clients toward self-actualization, exploring views, attitudes and beliefs about themselves.  This team of elite professionals is equipped to provide and administer twenty-four hour nursing care, physical assessment, psychological evaluation, individual and family counseling sessions, prescribed psychotropic medication, and referrals of patients to the appropriate rehabilitation service.

It is this team approach to Psychiatric, Geriatric and Substance Abuse care that adequately prepares fully recovered clients to return to society and resume their role as productive citizens.   These teams, because of their  wealth of experience, skills, and specialized knowledge, are optimistic that clients whose illness are discovered early and whose families are supportive, will recover and require only supervised follow up  care, post discharge.

Today the invitation is extended to all to become a part of the rehabilitation process of our inflicted, sometimes neglected and abandoned Bahamian brother(s) and sister(s). Each invitation is different: one is for learning the truth; one is to socialize with us, one is to support hospitalized family and friends; one is to partner with us in achieving our public education goals; and one is to help us share the truth about US.  This invitation is free as we continue to recognize that you are the public that we must discharge our clients to.

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