PHA/PMH Wins Course Accreditation by the Royal College of Nursing

27 July

Herbert Brown, Managing Director, Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) announced that PHA and the Princess Margaret Hospital have been cited for course accreditation by the prestigious and internationally respected Royal College of Nursing (RCN).

As noted by the College’s website, RCN accredits learning and development initiatives for a diverse range of clients who want to guarantee that their programs are up to date, of the highest quality, effective in educating nurses and the wider health care family, and promote best practice. Accreditation involves peer review by expert representatives drawn from clinical, management and educational fields of practice who have the appropriate professional background and experience. Certificates are provided to nurses who attend RCN accredited events, demonstrating evidence of the study hours required to keep them up to date.

Public Hospitals Authority officials noted the importance of the RCN affiliation to PHA, Princess Margaret Hospital and the nursing profession in this country.

“When institutions are trying to achieve best practice standards, peer evaluation is an internationally recognized yardstick by which to measure your progress,” said Mr. Brown, Managing Director, PHA.“So, the willingness of RCN to extend accreditation for our nursing education and training initiatives is a stamp of approval and a real win. Being approved for course accreditation by RCN tell us not only that the programs we are pursuing are on target, but will also help with other measures we have in place, in order to keep us steering a course of excellence.”

“This recognition by the Royal College of Nursing is incalculable value to nursing education and training in The Bahamas, as regards achieving and maintaining professional standards. RCN is just four years short of its centenary. You can imagine the knowledge, expertise and networks they have at their disposal. They have pioneered professional standards for nurses, in their education, their practice, and their working conditions. I’m told that its membership numbers almost a half million. As their literature notes, RCN is internationally respected as a powerful voice for nursing at governmental and non-governmental levels,” said Willamae Stuart, PHA’s Nursing Advisor.

Mrs. Stuart also pointed out that the post-registration education and practice (PREP) standard of Britain’s Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC), to which the Bahamas public health care system subscribes, requires that nurses undertake at least five days (35 hours) of learning activity relevant to their practice during the three years prior to renewal of registration. This learning can be completed in a variety of ways, as long as it maintains and develops professional competence. Attendance at RCN accredited events can be used as evidence of PREP.

To learn more about RCN accredited courses, interested persons may follow-up directly with Nursing Advisor Willamae Stuart reference start dates. Mrs. Stuart may be reached at 502-1445/1461. The following Nursing Preceptors may also be contacted for more information: Michelle Rolle/PMH 445.3042; Patrice Hall and Rose Burns/Sandilands Rehabilitation Center 364.9638, 324.1246.

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