PHA Risk & Safety Team off to London for International Certification

27 July

As a part of a comprehensive project to upgrade Public Health services, the Risk and Safety Management Team of The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) has travelled to London to participate in an internationally recognized certificate course. The Managing Safely Course is approved by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). This United Kingdom-based organization is the chartered body for health and safety professionals and is widely acknowledged as the biggest professional health and safety organisation in the world.

Led by PHA’s Director of Risk Management & Safety, Mrs. Aubynette Rolle, the six-member team also includes Laverne Charlton-Risk Manager, Corporate; Pamela Bowe-Risk Manager, Princess Margaret Hospital; Janet Johnson-Risk Manager, Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre; Elsie Hepburn-Risk Manager, Grand Bahama Health Services;  Jennifer Mackey-Quality Manager, Corporate.

Facilitated by Browns Health and Safety Consultants and Training Providers of London, the seven-module course pursued by the PHA professionals encompasses:

1) Assessing Risks- Introduce a Scoring System to assess risks; 2) Controlling Risks- Best techniques to control risks and choosing the right method; 3) Understanding your Responsibilities- Legal implications; employer/employee; 4) Identifying Hazards- Fire, exits, work traffic, chemicals, electricity, bullying, stress, noise, housekeeping, physical and verbal abuse, slips, trips, falls, working at height, computers and manual handing; 5) Investigating Accidents/Incidents- Why things go wrong and how to investigate; 6) Measuring Performance- Performance indicators, auditing and proactive and reactive measuring, and Protecting the Environment- Waste/Biohazard, Pollution.

Noting the timing of the certificate course, PHA’s Managing Director Herbert Brown said “The upgrade to public health facilities and delivery that is being led by the Public Hospitals Authority is far-ranging and comprehensive and dictates us procuring the best training and certification opportunities for our personnel.” He added, “It is only by assessing, improving and regulating every aspect of the patient experience will we be able to effect measurable and continuing progress in this realm, which we are mandated and committed to doing. Managing risk and safety is a key element that we are determined to raise to the highest of international standards and the IOSH course is important to this undertaking.”

The participating PHA Risk and Safety personnel will attend a variety of lectures and engage in sessions and scenarios designed for high-level interactivity. They will also be required to examine and produce case studies designed to assist the managers to acquire the practical know-how to handle health & safety issues and manage environmental impacts.   

“I am pleased to lead my team in this critical and valuable undertaking. Managing Safely is considered one of the best programs in the world and will empower our staff no doubt to implement the same international best standards and practices here at home,” said Director Aubynette Rolle.

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