Executive Management

The Executive Management Committee of Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre is responsible for the overall management of the institution and is comprised of the Hospital Administrator, Medical Chief of Staff, Principal Nursing Officer, Financial Controller and Human Resources Manager. The Committee is supported by a group of mid-level managers responsible for clinical and non-clinical areas.


Mrs. Ruth Albury

Hospital Administrator
Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre
To plan, direct, co-ordinate and manage the efficient and effective delivery of health/medical and administrative support services at SRC within the prevailing legal and statutory framework

Dr. Eugenie Combie

Medical Chief of Staff, Consultant, Psychiatry
Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre
Responsible for the effective organization and implementation of the medical services in the hospital

Ms. Thelma McKenzie

Principal Nursing Officer
Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre
Responsible for the efficient and effective management and coordinator of all aspects of the nursing service

Mr. Phillip Greenslade

Financial Controller
Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre
Responsible for the development and maintenance of the financial management system of SRC

Ms. Tamara Davis

Acting Deputy Hospital Administrator
Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre
Responsible for Patient Care & Support Services, assist in the daily operational functions of the hospital, participates in strategic planning and provides leadership, mentoring and coaching to Administrative Officers and Heads of Departments.

Mrs. Chrislyn Benjamin

Assistant Director Human Resources
Sandilands Rehabiliation Centre Administration

Implements human resources strategies by establishing department accountabilities, including talent acquisition, staffing, employment processing, compensation, health and welfare benefits, training and development, records management, safety and health, succession planning, employee relations and retention

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