Sandilands Hospital

Sandilands Hospital’s clients are assigned to one of ten specialty psychiatric wards based on their diagnosis, mental status, and level of independence. Each of Sandilands’ ten wards is competently staffed by a team of health care professionals including a full time medical physician. Listed below are our Psychiatric Wards and the types of patients assigned.

Psychiatric Wards

There are ten (10) psychiatric wards further divided into three categories:

Acute Wards

These are wards that receive and accommodate clients on admission into Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre. The teams on these wards perform comprehensive assessments, observations and design individual treatment plans aimed at stabilizing mental processes, mood and behavior.

This is all done in preparation for transfer to a medium stay ward and/or eventual discharge and re-integration into the community.

Eloise Penn Ward (Male) - 57 Beds
Renovated Eloise Penn Ward (Male) - 10 Beds
Podlewski Ward (Female) - 29 Beds
Child and Adolescent Unit (Co-Ed) - 24 Beds (12 Males, 12 females)
Maximum Security Unit (Male) - 12 Beds

Medium Stay Wards

These are wards that should receive and accommodate clients who have been stabilized during their stay on the acute wards. At this point in their hospitalization, clients are able to perform activities of daily living and participate in meaningful and enjoyable activities that would enhance their functioning in the community after discharge (i.e. occupational therapy, recreational therapy, educational sessions and individual and group psychotherapies).

Kliene Ward (Adult Males) - 33 Beds
                     Age range 21 - 64 Yrs

Kelly Ward (Adult Female) - 24 Beds

Chronic Wards

These wards accommodate clients in refractory states or those who are expected to have prolonged illness and complications resulting in delayed recovery and discharge. Similar to the medium stay wards, these wards have become residential wards.

However, these wards are unique in that in some cases, the reality is that some of these clients, particularly on Robert Smith Ward, are not expected to return to the community due to a lack of resources to assist their families in caring for them.

Robert Smith Ward (Co-Ed) - 39 Beds (23 Males/16 Females)
         Adults and Children Mixed
         Age Range 9 - 47 Years

Female Ward (Adult) - 32 Beds
           Age Range 30 - 81 Years

Male Ward (Male) - 32 Beds
           Age Range 20 - 88 Years

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