Geriatric Hospital

The Geriatric Hospital has a total of five (5) wards.   Initially, the Pearce Ward was the children’s ward that housed physically and mentally challenged children.  In 1984 the focus of treatment for the Pearce Ward was changed to accommodate elderly male psychiatric patients.

All wards were named in honour of doctors who served on the medical staff at the inception of the hospital. The hospital’s first patient population consisted of persons from the community, the psychiatric wards of Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre and the Prospect Hospital.  All patients are sixty-years and older.

Geriatric Wards

There are five (5) wards in this hospital:

Psycho Geriatric Ward

                 Pearce Ward (Male)   - 24 Beds

Geriatric Wards

                  Culmer’s Ward (Male)   - 26 Beds
                  Thompson Ward (Female)  - 26 Beds
                  McClennan Ward (Male) - 26 Beds
                  Cruickshank Ward (Female) - 26 Beds

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