Historical Overview

Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre is the Bahamas’ national resource for psychiatric, geriatric and substance abuse services. The Centre is located in the eastern district of New Providence on Fox Hill Road with a staff complement of 850 and is comprised primarily of two (2) hospitals. The Geriatric Hospital cares for the elderly with medical, social and psychiatric problems; while the Sandilands Hospital cares for the mentally and physically challenged children, adolescents and adult clients in addition to a substance abuse programme that rehabilitates abusers of all substances.

The Sandilands Hospital was established in 1956 and presently consists of ten (10) in-patient psychiatric wards. The Geriatric Hospital was officially opened in 1965 and presently consists of five (5) in-patient wards. Three (3) Substance Abuse Units, namely Detoxification, Lignum Vitae Unit, and Humblestone House were established in the mid-1980’s.

Outpatient psychiatric clinics and mental health services are provided at specialty clinics within the Princess Margaret Hospital and Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre’s Community Counseling & Assessment Centre (CCAC) located on Collins Avenue in Nassau. Outpatient gerontological services are provided primarily at the Anne’s Town Clinic and selected public health clinics in New Providence.

Our mission essentially provides a purpose for the administration of our services. Visionary leadership motivates our staff to strive for excellence and maintains commitment to providing good quality healthcare to all our clients.

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